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These are real life dictation Medical Transcription Practice Tapes

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edical transcription practice tapes will help you expand your knowledge and increase your skill level immensely.  These tapes are designed to help you get more practice with real life dictations, so that you can secure a medical transcription job or start your own business!

Who benefits from transcription practice tapes?

These Simplistic Solutions practice tapes will help the new medical transcriptionist, or the transcriptionist that has been out of the industry for a while, as well as the transcriptionist that is just looking to improve transcription skills,  speed and accuracy.

Even if you are a slow typist, as most of us are when first starting out, you will find the practice tapes will greatly increase your speed.  You will hear lots of different medical terminology from various specialties and different voices and accents.  This experience will make you more employable, while increasing your confidence in yourself.

What kind of dictation is on the practice tapes? 

  •  Internal Medicine - 60 minutes of dictation - Various new consultation reports and return patient reports, including chief complaint, general physical exam, review of systems, impressions, recommendations and plans.  (41 reports)

  •  Neurology - 60 minutes of dictation - Various new consultation and return visit reports, including neurological examinations.  Some of these reports are  several pages long.  (19 reports)

  • Cardiology/Vascular - 45 minutes of dictation - Includes angiodynograms, echocardiograms, consults and follow up reports.  (32 reports)

  •  Surgical Reports - 60 minutes of dictation - Various surgical reports, some quite technically challenging.  - Adenotonsillectomy, laryngoscopy, exploratory laparotomy, cholecystectomy, hepaticojejunostomy, stent placement, sigmoidoscopy and many more.  Also includes new consultation and letters.  Some reports are quite long.  (15 reports) 



I ordered the practice tapes from you in November 2005, and I've  really enjoyed learning from them.  I feel much more confident now about my medical transcription skills.  I wanted to write and say thank you for making these available.  I especially enjoyed the surgical reports as I would like to work in a hospital environment, or be able to do surgical reports from home. 

Best wishes, Angela Greene, Orlando, FL

Do the tapes come with answer keys? 

YES!  You will receive a CD which has the answer keys to each tape or CD.  You can print out the answer keys and refer to them as you need to.  It is recommended that you don't immediately look at the answer keys and that you research the answers first, or re-listen to the tape again.  Often times you will understand the word you are looking for the second time around.  This method helps you to fine tune your hearing to the medical terminology before reaching for the answer keys.

What kind of format should I use when I type the reports?

Because these are REAL life dictations, by health care professionals, you will see a variety of formats. They are not all "school type templates", they are not your regular "cookie cutter" student type tapes. They are REAL LIFE dictations and formats. This means, some of the physicians' answer keys have abbreviated terminology, and some don't, depending on their preferences.

I have left the formats on the answer keys as each physician requires the dictation, as this will expose you to a variety of different types of formats.   You can however, set up your own templates/format, or use a format you've learned through training.   It's up to you.

What size are the tapes?

These are micro-cassette tapes.  Most physicians do not use the standard (larger) sized tapes anymore.  These will fit in any microcassette transcribing machine. 

Is it expensive to buy practice tapes?

The AAMT sells 180 minutes of practice dictation for $225.00!  Buy your tapes here and you get 225 minutes of dictation for $49.99!  That's a huge savings. 

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CDs/.WAV files available upon request - please email me after you place your order if you would like CDs instead of tapes.

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